Fall Colors

Pumpkin Vines

Here's to falling in love with Fall. A month ago my husband and I moved to Arkansas - to a new climate and the dreams of a new lifestyle from city to suburbia. We came from living as East coast transplants from the West coast and Midwest, spending the last 14 years in Boston and New York. There Fall creeps in and disappears quickly into the chill of Winter. Now feeling the fresh crisp morning air in Arkansas, very slowly watching the leaves change and fall, I feel like this temperament signifies our move and our deep need for a change in our lifestyle. Not only that, but I feel this is a fresh start for my Etsy shop Fir and Forest


I started this little shop in our tiny Manhattan apartment and big things happened quick, including features on Etsy and several big blogs and a mention in the New York Daily News when I was a vendor at the indie-minded Brooklyn wedding event, ToastedI spent practically every waking moment outside of my busy life working full-time in the entertainment business escaping into the “forest” of my workshop. The seed for Fir and Forest was planted in New York, but it’s in Arkansas that this seed will grow. 


It’s this love of a new lifestyle, of planting these Fall cabbage, foraging acorns and getting the fresh cuts of flowers from the farmer’s market. This gives new meaning to our existence in what otherwise felt lost in the wind of the big city.


What are your favorite Fall decorations? What makes you feel like Fall has finally arrived? I’d love to hear what Fall means to you this year! Comment below!